BEHIND The LENS  debuts  some of the photography skills as they evolve, so the majority of these photos will be newer, and from 2017. Get ready world I as I show you my angles from Behind the lens! Using the Canon T31 Camera with a variety of lenses to capture the world around us.
Little D.J. my son, the world is full of wonder for him at age 9. Sometimes I am able to capture some of his wonderment on camera.
Detria Baker has shown to be at one with the camera, she has become an amazing model in front of the camera, even when she is playing around and having fun, she takes some amazing photos!
 The world has so much beauty in it, I try to capture some of it at lens. The wonderful thing about cameras is that when you take that photo - you Capture/FREEZE A MOMENT in time! Photos can be appreciated over and over years and years later!
Nature and outdoors can often create some very captivating moments.
Beauty is everywhere, it's all around us, sometimes you just have to take a moment to see it.

Lighting can make an amazing difference in photos, F 5.6, ISO 300

  Capturing everyday life moments is always fun!

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